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The game of Mobile is So called Mobile legends

khaparkane, Dienstag, 22. August 2017, 23:22

If for some reason you prefer to watch the Mobile Legends guides on video, I recommend you visit our Youtube channel on this great game. Click here to access the Youtube channel . Today the video games of the genre MOBA (translated from the English online battlefield multiplayer) have a rather big importance within this world. Who does not know League of Legends ? Until recently, these games had been exclusive for computer, but little by little they are introduced in the rest of platforms as it is the case of Mobile Legends: Bang bang .

As we are talking about mobile devices today, we bring you information about Mobile Legends. Many people think that next to Vainglory , Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA that we can find on Android and iOS .

This application has been developed by Moonton and is free . It is true that it includes micropayments, but they are only to advance faster or buy skins, which does not make it a "pay to win". In many respects it is very similar to League of Legends both in the map and in the design of several characters. Below you can read a basic guide to most of the game's features.

Note: if you do not feel like rolls and want to download or see directly how the game is, you can see it in the video at the end of the article or Injustice 2 hack.

After starting the game and waiting for a brief load, we will access the main menu that you see above.

In the upper left we have the profile with our our name and image. A little more to the left and of golden color we have in order the achievements, the classification and the daily reward.

Achievements : They are a series of rewards that we will obtain when completing small missions like for example to kill 5 enemies.
Classification : here we can see our position in the world ranking compared to other players
Daily rewards : if we access for a few days in a row we will receive a series of rewards
In the opposite corner are the combat points that are used to improve the emblems and buy champions and gems that are basically used to buy aspects for our heroes. In the middle part of the screen we have three sections.

Rewards : We have the box of medals that can be obtained once a day by playing a few games and the free chest that we can open every time we spend. Both give us combat points or things to improve the emblems
Start a game in the selected mode
Friends : a list with all our friends of the game with which we can chat.

By selecting on the photo of our profile we will access this information screen.

Basic Info : Here we can view or change our information as our name, photograph or country.
Statistics : Collection of information from our games.
Favorite heroes : What the title says, favorite heroes, games played and winning percentage
History of our games played.
Reputation : Complying with a series of rules such as not leaving games will keep our reputation high. Every Monday we will receive rewards if it stays high.
See Replay : We can save the games for later viewing in a viewer mode similar to League of Legends.
Battle in Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Game Modes

At the moment, the game has 5 different game modes. All of them are very similar to those of LOL in which we can invite any of our friends .

Equal Match : Typical game mode in which we will be paired with other players to play a 5 vs. 5. It is the typical mode to simply play for fun whose goal is to destroy the enemy base you need diamonds and you can get easily with mobile legends free diamonds.
Qualifying : In this mode, you compete to raise the rank. From lowest to highest Warrior, Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epic and Legend. At the end of the season you will get a reward depending on your division achieved.
Brawl Mode : This is the ARAM equivalent of LOL. In this mode you will get 2 random champions to choose to play our game. In addition we have a series of points with which to change for another random hero. This mode is also 5 vs 5 but with the difference that there is only one central lane.
Players vs. AI : As the name says, 5 players vs. 5 bots.
Personalized : Here we choose what we want with whom we want. It is the right way to play against our friends or try what we want.


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