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head twist

qizhen0809, Samstag, 07. Oktober 2017, 04:20

with or without tenon head twist or eye is too large, tenons and other low level of technology made of low skew. Wood furniture to have the safety and stability of the function, when the two doors open 90 degrees, the hand gently pull forward, the cabinet can not automatically tilt forward;
bookcase door glass to be treated by grinding; Taiwan to install the back plate, the pressure should be fixed glass surface. Furniture parts (such as legs and feet, drawers, doors or stents, etc.) must be able to support enough. You should lighten the upper corner of the furniture or sit on the side, try the furniture is soft decoration no stability.
Check the connection should choose to use dovetail joint or butterfly joint furniture. The heavier furniture should be screwed with a protective block at the corner and stick well. As for the backplane parts, you must also check whether the set is good, and a good screw.
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