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plan the purchase of solid wood doors the advantages

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 08:52

<p>the door structure of the seams are meticulous and so on. 3, smell the smell through the smell of solid wood doors, the initial judgment of the environmental protection of solid wood doors. Solid wood doors are generally more environmentally friendly, and solid wood composite, molded and other types of doors due to the door core filling and splicing parts need to use a large number of adhesives and other </p>
<p>chemical substances, poor environmental protection. Therefore, in order to prevent businesses with solid wood composite posing as a solid wooden door, you can smell the method to determine. 4, see the weight As the solid wood door is a piece of wood or the same kind of wood, so the weight of the non-solid wood than the average weight, light weight of the solid wood doors can be concluded that the </p>
<p>door of the filler is not solid wood Or not enough to fill. 5, listen to the sound can use the percussion to listen to the sound, good wood sound mellow texture. Consumers can buy when you knock on the wooden doors of the various parts, such as the sound is not even even hollow, it is certainly not solid wood doors.Furniture, the most worried about is the formaldehyde content, therefore, generally will </p>
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