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flooring and other domestic

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 11:24

<p>market to the foreground. With the promotion and accumulation of experience in the strategy of Grand Home, its product lines such as standard doors, wardrobes, cabinets and so on, will also be greatly developed under the drive of the big home. According to the perennial development trend, the second half of the year will be the </p>
<p>peak season for home consumption. The flooring and other domestic industries are expected to fully benefit from the consumption stimulus such as National Day and Double-Eleven. Coupled with the resurgence of the real estate market since 2016 even hot, the superposition of both effects is expected to usher in a new boom in the </p>
<p>home improvement market. St. Elephant floor as a leader in the industry, with a strong brand appeal, product quality and channel diversification advantages. The 'Elephant' pushed to the forefront, to strengthen capital operation to help the company by leaps and bounds. Hidden seems to have a kind of 'Nature' rivalry. After all, the two major </p>
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