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then nailed the floor, using This method, the floor

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 17:20

<p>introduced the standard Wang floor is good, and the standard price of the latest floor of the king, I hope to help you, for more knowledge of the standard king floor, please continue to pay attention to the home decoration network TheFlooring grass-roots treatment is good or bad and the effect of the ground decoration has a great relationship. Whether it is wood flooring, plastic floor or floor tiles, they are on </p>
<p>the ground floor requirements are flat, strong, strong enough and dry surface, but the construction of different circumstances there may be some differences. If you want to understand the construction process, then with together to see this home improvement flooring grassroots decoration practice it. First, the cement mortar leveling layer 1, the humidity of 6% or less, using R777 base oil or </p>
<p>PE260 base oil treatment: 1: 1 watered; 2, humidity of 6% or more, 8% or less, using Huada brand epoxy base oil Treatment, more than 8%, to suspend the construction; 3, terrazzo floor and tile and other smooth surface, using R777 or PE260 treatment, but not watered; 4, wood or steel foundation, because do not need to do self-leveling, Handled cleanly. Solid wood flooring grassroots two practices A </p>
<p>what is world plastic composite<br />
4 foot 4 board fence<br />
pvc elegan bersalut pagar keselamatan tinggi</p>


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