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chairman of federation

liuyi, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 06:57

Award card ceremonially, jiang Zhouming of chairman of federation of labor of mechanism of directly under of national forestry bureau to man-made board room is awarded " free standing deck australia date of countrywide worker pioneer " express enthusiastic congratulation, praising man-made board room to obtain this special honour is the pride of national forestry bureau and countrywide forestry battlefront,

put forward to asked at 3 o'clock: It is to publicize advanced type energetically, build " learn advanced, drive advanced, in the van is entered " atmosphere, for scientific waterproofing deck retrofit in qatar research the job offers advantage; 2 it is to promote model worker spirit, labor spirit, craftsman spirit energetically, carry on energetically unwilling to lag behind,

go ahead of the others with courage, deck waterproofing material suppliers do poineering work difficultly, strenuous promising, meticulous, excelsior work style; 3 it is to encourage innovation development energetically. Build " everyone does poineering work, each innovates " atmosphere,residential wood fence panels malaysia for zoology of forestry scientific research,


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