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the remaining wood scrap reproduction

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 08:55

Interview with reporters found that in some markets those ridiculously low prices, "solid wood flooring," almost all narrow or short board, such as the market only sell 145 yuan / square meter "teak king" floor, 168 yuan / square meter "Burma red sandalwood" floor,
its length is only 420mm, and neither the brand nor the origin. Low-priced non-standard board, most of its poor quality of raw materials, the appearance of decadent or pests, manufacturers can only be cut or planed so that it looks no problem, so that the processing of the floor to change Become a non-standard board.
What's more, many manufacturers will re-process the remaining wood scrap reproduction, so that the production floor price will be cheaper. Zhang Guanli Daihuahua Mu, reporters interviewed found that some shops selling solid wood flooring, and did not specify the species according to the scientific name,
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