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nominal the enterprise

liuyi, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 09:14

unqualified sample is nominal the enterprise has: New processing factory of Ou Jingteng lumber, Chengdu Shan Xinmu job is limited company, new division people joinery plastic composit board engineered lumber board processing factory, Zhang Sanmu is versed in industry of board factory, Xin Zhongjie timber.

it is reported, door of The Wood plastic composite cladding uk Ministry of Commerce and Industry already instructed operator to leave unqualified commodity cabinet, the illegal behavior of unqualified to distribute commodity undertakes investigating lawfully. In the meantime, requirement operator undertakes rectifying and reform, check via rectifying and reform eligible and rear can appear on the market build a wood fence with block sale.

"The whole nation intercepts and capture " to add first to 16 kinds of Jiangsu too the storehouse examines door of quarantine bureau guardianship country achieves wood plastic asphalt coatings beautiful performance again Reporter a few days ago from Jiangsu too the storehouse examines quarantine bureau understands,


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