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industrial and commercial

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 10:37

this year the 2nd quarter, industrial and commercial bureau is opposite the Chengdu City market of market of this city Fu Senmei household, river of Taurus government office, wood and plastic composites suppliers in sharjah and the joinery that the part of the area such as county of area of pale river area, dragon spring post, lukewarm river area,

city high a city, big city teak decking systems Norway decorates material classics battalion headquarters to sell board (floor of woodiness of real wood floor, aggrandizement floor, archaize.

This second sampling observation wood plastics composite uses in distinct automotive basically is opposite joinery board moisture content, transverse static music intensity, exterior agglutination intensity, formaldehyde released a quantity to undertake examining.

Result of sampling observation shows,outdoor porch railing discount 9 batch sample is unqualified, main quality problem is transverse static music intensity, formaldehyde releases capacity index unqualified state level.


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