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lumber market whole presents

liuyi, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 11:02

shutdown, lumber market whole presents slight trend. According to businessman report, at present and other places of Xuzhou, sanded market has begun to father check environmental new designed interior wall paneling protection, too storehouse haven part lumber appears in a limited time depreciating activity, volume of shipment of radiation soft market also decreases apparently, prices whole does not have window. Because July is traditional lumber off-season,

lumber shipment amount is not large, pricing tongue groove porch flooring china the price is relatively stable, integral market performance is average. It is reported, stock of market of lumber of haven area Africa is at present enough, price material benefit, the client with sufficient financing can consider much store up some lumber. Nevertheless, the businessman expresses, the near future because the problem of exchange rate, 8x4 lumber fences manufacturer spain wood of wing of Congo big chicken and

Congo sand arrive than benefit wood the quantity is less still, price on the high side, lumber business people need to maintain reason. 2.5/5* of long 2-5M of Home Zhang harbor,how to install gatehouse vinyl fence video norms is at present natural wide (entrance board) Shabili quotes 5800-6200 yuan, the sanded log comparing profit of long 6-12M quotes according to treating goods condition on the spot in 2400-3400 yuan between. Russia material respect, before be


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