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enterprise has obtained

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 09:22

(3) the enterprise has obtained a net to go up explain get licence qualification (detailed sees set related key of electron of enterprise of licence of imports and exports) ; wood clad sale (4) the enterprise does not have smuggling, secretly dodge a tax, escape collect, arbitrage record, did not violate because of breaking the law inside nearly 2 years compasses manage be punished by administration, criminal; (5) the factor that other need considers.

4, will be gotten first first Enterprise explain get sawn timber to export quota to execute will be gotten first first, till sawn timber exports quota gross explain get end. weight of decking Bloemfontein Enterprise explain when getting sawn timber to export quota, its but explain the ground of initial quota amount that get before quota of sawn timber export uses circumstance set, inside amount of pvc post deck anchor quota of export of initiative sawn timber the enterprise can be divided second explain get sawn timber to export quota.

The enterprise declares at customs wood be used safely for a picnic table exit hind or after exporting untapped sawn timber quota go back, can be inside the range that does not exceed initial quota amount again explain get sawn timber to export quota. After initial quota uses the enterprise to finish, can increase application quota again.


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