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The Easy win strategy to follow in coin master

coinmaste, Freitag, 09. Februar 2018, 11:42

Coin Master Strategy - Openings
The strategy could actually be divided into two areas. No, not attack and defense. But the best cards and the best deck and their wise use. We only want to deal with the maps here implicitly, because there is no "wish-you-what" in any case. You want all the legendary cards we princess (gross range!), Tunnel Tombs and Inferno Dragon. Then buy it. Nevertheless, there are such a few foundations in the game with coin master coins hack. So let's see what different tactics there are for opening, the first 10-20 seconds.

Silence opening or even: "Help, nobody starts!" The game is started, but nothing happened? Then, probably, two of the urban blocks have met or players of Coin Master, who use this tactic. This is simply not to start immediately, but first let the opponent submit. This has the advantage that you can put the perfect counterattack to the played card. This has the other advantage that you can still charge one or two units Exelier first. You do not start with full bars. A slight modification of this strategy is the following free coin master coins ios.

Knaller-opening or also: "Now I win!": You immediately throw in all sorts of possible units and continue to follow suit . The opponent has little chance of sorting and playing his own tactic. This works especially when the opponent first builds an elixir collector. He then misses 5 spins for immediate use .


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