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reduce weight and other effects

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 08. März 2018, 06:10

<p>thickness, and pressed into the polymer mortar. (4) The entire grid cloth along the horizontal direction Beng straight, pay attention to the mesh cloth curved side inward, with the middle of the trowel up, the next two sides of the grid cloth smooth, so close. Mesh horizontal overlap width of not less than 100, lap perpendicular to the length of not less than 80, lap joints with mortar to supplement the bottom of the vacancy mortar, </p>
<p>mesh cloth shall not be pleated, hollowing, Alice edge. (5) At the concave and convex line angle, a narrow mesh grid should be embedded in the bottom polymer mortar, and the entire grid should be laid on a narrow mesh grid with a lap width of 80. (6) In the wall at both sides of the yin and yang corner of the two-way grid around the angle overlap lap, overlapping lap width of not less than 200. 10, Plastering polymer </p>
<p>mortar: (1) After the bottom of the polymer mortar and squeeze into the grid cloth, the mortar to be solidified until the surface is not sticky, began to plastering polymer mortar, plaster thickness to cover the grid Cloth, so that the total thickness of polymer mortar 2.5-3.0. (2) In order to improve the impact resistance of the exterior wall, a layer of grid cloth should be added and the two sides of the first two steps are </p>
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