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Prevent the floor from curling

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 08. März 2018, 07:36

<P>If the degree of floor arch is relatively small, then the doors and windows closed, the use of air conditioning dehumidification function, control of indoor humidity can be restored. So can only find manufacturers to adjust the expansion joints.</P>
<P>If the degree of arch is very serious, it is recommended that the master resurface, and re-adjust the expansion joints. Remove the skirting stone, replace the old floor. In the demolition, if the floor surface is damaged, it should be replaced by a new floor.</P>
<P>First of all, choose a good product before pavement. Pavement moisture barrier, waterproof, moisture-proof works, must meet the laying requirements. Floor surface pavement, reserved enough expansion joints. After the pavement is completed, do not forget to strengthen the wooden floor maintenance, ventilation and indoor relative humidity control.</P>
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