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the product of is used

qizhen0809, Freitag, 09. März 2018, 02:48

Chinese adhesive industry, before some year, the product of is used at interior decoration to decorate chloric fourth adhesive that our country market sells contains 3 waterproof pergola roof benzene phenomenon more general. Our country researcher and the research that the enterprise produces technical personnel to devote oneself to environmental protection chloric fourth adhesive in recent years are developed,

obtain the positive result of hearten eco friendly outdoor wpc decking prices making a person, current, do not produce chloric fourth adhesive for raw material with 3 benzene, already was distant dream no longer. In " interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to " wait for national level study group to go up, as the company that has certificate of products of attestation of pvc fence post extensions Chinese environment mark

through attestation of environment of ISO9000 series certificate of quality, ISO14000, appear on the market company Shanxi is three-dimensional group Inc. , where to buy wpc patio tiles in taiwan factory of new actinic of state-owned company Shanghai, famous chemical industry of Liaoning of civilian battalion enterprise Lv (group) , agent of strong bind of factory of agent of bind of Jiangsu Hei Songlin and Shenzhen city


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