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the funnel effect and instantaneously

qizhen0809, Freitag, 18. Mai 2018, 08:00

She can not only enjoy the time with her parents but also avoid the kitchen fumes. The troubles come. Every time I cook, I can't hear the noise from a hood, and I don't see a bit of soot in the kitchen. It is understood that the reason why Miss Zhang can avoid the invasion of kitchen fumes,
which is in fact related to her design of the new purchase of Haier deep cavity hood design. The oil grille structure of ordinary range hoods is mostly convex and exposed, and it is not only unsightly, but also easily affects the speed of air rise,
causing soot to rebound and escape. Industry experts explained that, on the contrary, the Haier deep cavity net range hood designed with a deep cavity inverted cone type oil net can learn from the funnel effect and instantaneously increase the speed of air rise,
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