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franc more between

liuyi, Freitag, 18. Mai 2018, 08:55

main Europe country such as Spain, Denmark, Holand, Sweden, Austria and Belgium reachs 110 franc in 15 billion franc more between, other if Portuguese, Ireland is reached Greek composit lumber sale price the furniture production value that waits for a country also is provided quite amount. From this knowable furniture line of business is one of industries with European the mainest area, the investment that each country reachs labor power in

resource is very deep, and relationship of redwood cost per square foot supply and marketing is close between each other, this one phenomenon can be proved to reach an analysis further by import side. According to statistic, what the entrance furniture of Europe couplet each country has 2/3 is by adjacent member country place is produced. waterproof deck floor covering Add up to of Home Ou Lianguo was imported 1998 1, the furniture of 45 billion franc, grow 11.4% . The

entrance amount that sheet is Germany already nearly Ou Lian always imports amount 1/3, amount to 47.2 billion franc, can says is the whole world the biggest furniture imports a country. engineering wood wall panel india France is the country of the 2nd big entrance of Europe couplet area, entrance amount adds up to 19.6 billion franc, for the whole world the 3rd old furniture imports a country. England and Dutch entrance amount also comparative giant,


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