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close between each other

qizhen0809, Freitag, 18. Mai 2018, 08:58

nd relationship of supply and marketing is close between each other, the expert is forecasted Ou Lian will be the furniture with the greatest whole world produces center and belmont panel 4x8 tan entrance area henceforth, the industry will grow flourishingly continuously. Before Europe 4 old furniture produce a country to head with Germany, italy is resided second, british sort the 3rd, france ranks 4. 1998, dimensions of European total market is as high as 5, 18.2 billion franc (1 dollar add 6 franc) , fold 79 billion euro about. Dimensions of market of Home Ou Lianguo adds u

up to 4, 001 franc, total production value is polymer based coating for composite decking amounted to 4, 26.3 billion franc, total value of imports and exports is each 1, 50.8 billion franc and 1, 44.3 billion franc. Europe is the furniture market with nowadays the biggest whole world, united States of be far ahead. The United States is the whole world affordable outdoor flooring options now market of the 2nd old furniture, dimensions is amounted to 3, 410 franc. Line of business of furniture of

whole world of European it may be said person most the focus that fix eyes upon, solid therefore cannot the market that small talk abandons. Reside the Germany of group of Long Zhi head, waterproof outdoor panels in korea the total output value 1998 is amounted to 1, 20 billion franc, prep close behind has 83.3 billion franc, 50.5 billion franc to reach 40 billion franc each in the Italy after, England and France. The furniture annual produce of the


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