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apple527, Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018, 11:47

KIEV Nathaniel Clyne World Cup Jersey , June 23 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Chinese Minister of EducationChen Baosheng held talks with his Ukrainian counterpart LiliyaGrynevych here on Friday and they agreed to promote bilateralcooperation in the education sector.

The negotiation took place during the 2nd meeting of thesubcommittee on education cooperation of the Chinese-Ukrainianintergovernmental commission.

While addressing the meeting, Chen said the cooperation betweenChina and Ukraine has been developing smoothly in the pastyears.

"Five years have passed since the first meeting of thesubcommittee in 2012. During these five years, we did a great job,practically fulfilled all the obligations that were agreed upon,"Chen said.

China and Ukraine have recently witnessed increasing academicmobility Marcus Rashford World Cup Jersey , strengthened cooperation between universities of the twocountries and expansion in teaching of national languages, theminister said.

For her part, Grynevych stressed that Ukraine attaches greatimportance to its education cooperation with China and stands readyto enhance the partnership in various directions.

"The first direction is the development of direct ties betweenthe universities of Ukraine and China. 67 Ukrainian universitieshave already signed cooperation agreements with more than 200universities, institutes, colleges and enterprises of China Kyle Walker World Cup Jersey ," shesaid.

"Under these deals, scientific and academic exchanges arecarried out, joint forums and conferences are held, scientificmaterials are published," she added.

Among other areas to expand the bilateral cooperation Kieran Gibbs World Cup Jersey , Grynevychlisted the introduction of Chinese language lessons into Ukrainianschool curricula and the establishment of Confucius Institute ofScience and Technology in Ukraine.

It is also very important to enhance support for the existingConfucius Institutes in Ukraine and centers of the Ukrainianlanguage in China, she emphasized.

During the meeting, Chen and Grynevych have extended the deal onthe bilateral cooperation in the education sector and agreed tooutline a new cooperation roadmap by the end of this year.

Besides, the ministers have approved a plan of priority measuresto further promote cooperation in education sector between Chinaand Ukraine.

The sides agreed to strengthen student exchanges, deepencollaboration in scientific and technical


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