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Huawei router sales ranked in Jingdong routing brand TOP3

wangyueyue ⌂, shanghai, Freitag, 13. Juli 2018, 11:37

Huawei router sales ranked in Jingdong routing brand TOP3At the just-concluded Jingdong router brand day, Huawei routers ranked the top TOP3 brands with outstanding sales. This outstanding achievement has benefited from the strong new Huawei WS5100 and WS5200 routing products. The brand day includes multi-regional sales in first- and second-tier cities.huaweii gran capacidad de alta densidad ip dslam ma5600This is not the first time that Huawei router products have been recognized by consumers in e-commerce activities. The reason why consumers can be so favored by consumers is not only because of the appeal of Huawei brands, but also because of Huawei’s technology in the field of routers. strength.Huawei Optix Ptn 1900 транспортная сеть транспортная сеть Huawei ProductTwo new Huawei routers, WS5100 and WS5200, which are based on the Jingdong brand, are the typical representatives of Huawei's technical strength. Both products are mainly based on Huawei's latest "true dual-band" technology (WS5200 is a Gigabit Ethernet port), which fundamentally solves the problem of traditional router dual-band unsmart, allowing users to experience the advantages of dual-band Internet.S9700 Series Terabit маршрутизаторы | переключатели | воображениеThe formation of this technology is based on Huawei's years of deep research in the field of communications, which makes these two core router products available.Best Price Zte Zxa10 C320 Gpon Epon Gepon Olt Optical Line Terminal Equipment

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