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Mill machine expects output and actual output

kuangshanposui, Samstag, 14. Juli 2018, 04:59

Recently, there has been customer consultation. After the Ultrafine Mill is bought back, the actual output is different from the expected output. Although the difference is not very big, it still has a certain impact on the credibility of our company, so here we clarify for you. The mill expects a difference between the output and the actual output. First of all, when the milling machine is working, the current difference between the rolling motorized roller and the static roller is large, which causes the roller pressing machine to have a poor extrusion effect on the material, and at the same time causes the latter to have a large load, directly It affects the efficiency of the mill and the quality of the mill's production materials.
Secondly, the ventilation quality of the mill will also affect its production efficiency. In the actual production, when the ventilation volume can not meet the production needs, then the production will cause the ground material to be sent out of the mill in time, thus causing duplication. Grinding, grinding of normal materials behind is not guaranteed. In addition, the opening degree of the seasoning valve above the roller press should also be consistent with the production efficiency of the mill. If the opening degree is too small, the density of the material of the roller press will be insufficient, and the actual production effect cannot be fully exerted. The objective factors affecting the production efficiency of the mill can not be ignored, and we can not control these objective factors. Therefore, in the actual production operation, the actual output of the mill is slightly lower than the expected output, which is normal. I hope that the users can understand.
In addition to considering the utilization efficiency of mineral resources itself, the waste of resources is also a common problem, especially for the random disposal of resources such as tailings, and the use value of tailings and other products if used properly, the value of the use is also very large. The three-ring mill can apply the ground tailings resources in the construction industry as a retarding diagram and cement ingredients. At present, various tailings have been applied in the construction industry after grinding. Different mineral resources can often be replaced by new resources, which are accompanied by solid waste, such as coal gangue and slag. These solid materials can be processed by grinding to treat different grinding materials. Materials such as materials and concrete can be processed into fine powder by tri-ring grinding, and the utilization value will be higher.


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