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What are the types of wooden doors

liuyi, Montag, 14. Januar 2019, 06:42

<p>The solid wood composite door solid wood composite door is made by high temperature hot pressing, and then sealed with solid wood lines. In addition, the solid wood composite door has the how much to charge for installing wooden fence Hong Kong characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and the high-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of smooth hand feeling and soft color, but also is very environmentally friendly and durable.</p><p> The solid wood door solid wood door has the characteristics of no vinyl decking waterproof deformation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and fresh wood grain texture. The molded wooden door moulded wooden door is made of two high-density fiberboards with shape and simulated wood grain. The door panel is hollow, the sound insulation effect inexpensive deck lumber Trinidad and Tobago is not good, and it can not be wet, but it is beautiful, economical and practical.</p>


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