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The board

qizhen0809, Montag, 14. Januar 2019, 10:58

<p>It can be perfectly combined with the surface of the putty wall to enhance the impact resistance of the corner and protect the corner from damage for a long time. When constructing or carrying furniture, it will vinyl lumber joists contraction inevitably hit the corner. If the corner corner strip is used, it can strengthen the wall's firmness and make the wall not damaged. It has a wide range of practicality.</p><p> Advantages of corner corner strips Which corner corner strips have the advantages of impact wood look tile for patio singapore resistance, corrosion resistance, and perfect combination with putty, which can greatly increase the impact resistance of the corners, keep the corners beautiful without damage, and do not need to use the ruler during use. The board is easy to operate and the construction efficiency is 2-5 times, which can speed up the construction, reduce the engineering cost and improve the diy make your own decorative lattice engineering quality.</p>


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