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to build a harmonious society

qizhen0809, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 06:45

they are talking about them are talking about a very comprehensive concept. Corporate social responsibility first of all enterprises to do a good job, for the community, the country more to create wealth. In particular, it also talked about a brand problem,
because the Chinese enterprises to really be able to do excellent, bigger, stronger, for a long time to continue to build the brand, no brand is difficult to have real competitiveness. At the same time under these conditions, we still have to build a harmonious enterprise,
but also to build a harmonious society, of course, to do a lot of things. Today, such a move, really worthy of our advocacy. It is also an important reason why I am here today to participate in this activity. The name of the consensus Ye Hao, "good luck", there will be a song,
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