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White furniture cleaning coup

liuyi, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 07:59

<P>1, toothpaste cleaning method: you can use a rag dipped in toothpaste or toothpaste quietly deposited in the above, the use of toothpaste bleaching effect, the color of furniture paint can be yellow to white. Egg clean method: take appropriate amount of egg white,elegant wooden security doors with cotton dipped, repeated scrub leather sofa and other leather products look more dirty place.</P>
<P>2, tea cleaning method: After scrubbing the furniture with tea, remember to use the water with a damp cloth wipe the water and then clean the tea. Milk cleaning method: a clean wipe into the milk soaked,interior veneered composite solid wood door and then use this rag to wipe the table and other wooden furniture, to remove the dirt effect is excellent. And finally remember to wipe with water again, otherwise there will be milk residue milk.</P>
<P>3, white vinegar cleaning method: with white vinegar and hot water to 1: 1 ratio of mixed to quietly wipe the appearance of furniture stains,laminate wpc deck flooring if the stain is more difficult to remove, so that vinegar can stay in the stain on the appearance of a little, and then a piece Soft cloth wipe hard.</P>

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