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common sense to

liuyi, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 08:59

<p>The owner of the common sense to do the blind third party supervision into a popular object decoration at home for at least three months, many owners can only weekend or get off work time, and even if there is time to rush, because the decoration is too strong, nor How to understand, many owners of the construction quality of the </p>
<p>decoration is not assured. In order to worry about trouble, many owners began to a number of independent supervision company or studio, please special supervision gatekeeper, because it is independent, consumers believe the supervision. There are owners, and even directly to the design, purchase, construction and other renovation </p>
<p>process to the supervision, the equivalent of a private project manager, to enjoy the supervision of the company to provide the decoration services. Many owners before the decoration, began to inquire about which company's supervision is good, but also directly from the decoration company supervision. Fuzhou nearly two years to </p>
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