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beneficiaries of energy

qizhen0809, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 10:16

<p>company is actually the indirect beneficiaries of energy saving and emission reduction control. Second, according to incomplete statistics, the regulation of the production capacity, long products accounted for 70%, plate accounted for 30%. This is also the current size of China's large and small iron and steel enterprises are basically the </p>
<p>same division of labor. Therefore, the supply of long products is affected more than the plate. Third, the demand for long products in the fourth quarter may also be better than the plate, mainly reflected in: 1, the basis for the construction of the demand for power still exists; 2, the seasonal adverse impact on building demand in the near future </p>
<p>will gradually diminish; , The pre-disaster recovery brought about by the restoration of construction steel on the basic requirements. We continue to reaffirm our primary view of long steel and flexible steel companies. In the third quarter of the industry is experiencing profitability fell to a low point, this time the rebound in steel prices brought </p>
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