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urban and rural

liuyi, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 11:55

<p>about by the performance flexibility is likely to exceed our expectations, therefore, high PE will not be the main constraint. We still recommend attention to Bayi Iron and Steel, three steel Min light, emerging cast pipe and the performance of the leading industry Baosteel shares. Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd Investment, not only the old </p>
<p>topic of the flooring industry, and even considered to be a unique business phenomenon in China, the vast territory, the uneven distribution of population coupled with the dual urban and rural structure differences, the level of distribution of goods made a very high , While the end channel power has long been in a decentralized state, making </p>
<p>the manufacturers to increase the intermediate links of the distribution agent to become a necessity, at the same time, the industrial structure of the small and medium enterprises in large quantities, small size, and prompted them Must be grafted dealers to work together to complete the task of opening up the market. Marketing, a </p>
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