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Wood floor daily maintenance skills

qizhen0809, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 14:05

<p>Every two or three months, you can play a floor wax on the floor, before waxing, should first dust scale, and then use a clean, lint-free soft wipes dipped in wax, from the side of the edge of the wood floor,naturally rustic stone wall cladding Followed by a circular wipe on the board surface, to be evenly wiped again, and then the original rag (no dipped in wax) from the original wipe the edge of the Department, according to the aforementioned program followed by wiping again, Surface, not only clean this Ze, a new look, but also can play a protective film, delay the role of aging.</p>

<p>Wood floor in the maintenance, we must pay attention to keep the floor dry, clean, do not use water to wet or with alkaline water, soapy water scrub, so as not to damage the paint brightness, in case of gray or dirty,wpc decking with hot sale wpc tile for sale It is also necessary to play a wax once, but wipe the water vapor and stains before waxing.</p>
<p>Use three or five years later, the original paint can be used on the floor of the same paint, the floor again paint again, in addition to dust before cleaning the dust, but also the application of fine water sandpaper,china composite wood veneer solid wooden door dipped in warm water, the board gently polished again, Grind the residual oil on it and grind the little paint that was left on the last paint, and wipe it clean with a clean cloth and paint it, so that the painted floor will be smoother and more Clean, more glossy.</p>

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