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Wooden floor daily maintenance

liuyi, Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 14:29

<p>If you encounter heating water leakage, wood flooring on the water, you must clean in a timely manner,house plans with rooftop deck sale can not directly let the sun exposure or electric furnace baking, so as not to dry too fast, floor cracking, solid wood flooring for a long time do not, avoid using plastic cloth or newspaper cover , Because of the long time, the film will be sticky,diy planes de muebles compuestos loss of luster, and should not be hot pots, hot rice pots and other objects directly on the floor surface, so as not to burn the film.</p>
<p>In the daily cleaning, you can first use a vacuum cleaner to clear, then use a soft cloth dipped in a special cleaning agent or soap chip dilution for cleaning, for a large area of ​​cleaning, sprayer or rotary cleaning machine can be used for natural lacquer solid wood flooring , The water on it is no good, clean to minimize the excess water,el mejor lugar para comprar tablas de decking scrub must wipe the wipes, oil wax solid wood flooring to remove the black rubber wear marks and other water can not be used to clear the stains can be used soft cloth dipped low Concentration of alcohol or a little liquor to remove.</p>

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