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consider the needs

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 03. Oktober 2017, 04:03

<p>whether cracks, insect holes, bruises, stains, defects and repair stickers too large Wait. Plywood Buy Note 2: color fancy imported rice eucalyptus piano plate, according to tree species of red willow eucalyptus and yellow white willow two kinds of eucalyptus. When choosing, consider the needs of the paint process. General brush varnish in </p>
<p>order to reflect the charm of the wood pattern character, it is not appropriate to choose red pear green cucumber panel plywood, but should choose teak, Mudao beautiful pattern plywood. If the decoration after the use of strong paint cover, you can choose red mushrooms or other plain color panels can be. Now on the market by the </p>
<p>domestic joint venture production of veneer decorative panels many, mostly imported red oak, white oak, rosewood, cherry, teak and domestic Ash, beech wood cut veneer veneer made. Patterns and colors are beautiful and natural. You have to choose the right plywood based on the overall layout, style and color needs. Such as the </p>
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