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reflected this year

liuyi, Dienstag, 03. Oktober 2017, 09:05

<p>orders for furniture manufacturers, particleboard market performance is good, businesses said the price of particleboard will not be adjusted for the time being. At present, Guangzhou market moisture-proof particleboard 1220 × 2440 × 25mm offer for 95 yuan / Zhang. 2, plywood: operating costs continue to rise, plywood business profits </p>
<p>continue to decline, operating pressure is also increasing. Into the end of September, the 'gold nine' has passed two-thirds, businesses have reflected this year's home improvement season is not good in previous years, shipments compared with the same period last year is a decline, while the profit is relative less. This year, due to rising </p>
<p>operating costs, businesses believe that the rate of increase in plate prices is in fact not keep up with the cost of rising range, but too high plate prices will impact the market, so now the price of plywood has been maintained at Low level, which resulted in plywood business profits continue to decline, operating pressure is also </p>
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