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Old mahogany furniture

liuyi, Samstag, 07. Oktober 2017, 06:35

<p>market demand also increased. Recently, the 'days of red exposed mahogany industry unspoken rules to provoke business people,' the report on the mahogany furniture waxing and painting the pros and cons caused a lot of consumer concerns, wax and painted mahogany furniture for the relevant details, the reporter interview A senior mahogany collector Mr. </p>
<p>Zhao Lao. Mr. Zhao Lao is an old revolutionary, Zeng Guan to the mayor secretary, infiltration mahogany industry for many years now a furniture association secretary-general. Old mahogany furniture for the days of red posted 'waxing PK paint' the existence of this poster, Mr. Zhao deep thought, told reporters that he was in October last year, still in the red </p>
<p>shop in Beijing ordered a set of small leaf red sandalwood level Luohan bed, but also in accordance with his purchase of antique mahogany furniture, consistent standards, that is, when the purchase of white hair since the time, requiring the delivery of goods when the first time he ordered the mahogany furniture waxing or painting, and so he checked in the shop </p>
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