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national awareness of environmental protection

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 09. November 2017, 10:46

For college students to provide more display platform, launched the "Green E Plan"; from an early age to cultivate national awareness of environmental protection, the organization of "green summer camp activities." The presentation ceremony was held in the lecture hall of Beijing Forestry University Library.
Leaders from School Leadership, Materials Engineering and Technology College of Beijing Forestry University attended the launching ceremony. At the awards ceremony, Mr. She Jianbin, President of Nature Floor Asia Pacific, Mr. Liang Zhihua, Director of Human Resources Center,
Mr. Shen Naiqiang, Director of R & D Center, and Mr. Guan Qilin, General Manager of Green Cradle Project, presented the honorary certificates to the winners. She Jianbin, the president of Nature Floor, presented a commemorative plaque titled "Donate to Grant Students".
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