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ten wood flooring brand network

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 09. November 2017, 11:05

<p>oaks and Parquet in the price there is a big difference, only from the production point of view, you can make a difference of one hundred or two hundred dollars. </p>
<p>Therefore, the most direct way to identify the price and performance of the oak flooring is to identify the oak species and place of origin. The most straightforward way is to look at the complete Latin name, origin and date of manufacture of the oak flooring. Information finishing: China's top ten wood flooring brand network AQSIQ, the </p>
<p>National Standards Commission recently released a revised 'interior decoration materials and wood-based products and formaldehyde emission limit of their products' national standards, the new standard modified formaldehyde test methods and formaldehyde release limit value, the provisions of formaldehyde emission limit Value of </p>
" bender board to finish decking , carpet with a teak and holly pattern "
" ceiling 2x4 supplier , what are the materials used in constructing kiosk "

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