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bad news makes man-made

liuyi, Donnerstag, 09. November 2017, 11:35

fall the focal point that bad news makes man-made board equipment upgrade. Dry tail gas purifies fiber the technology gains ground stage by Wood Composite Toronto stage, equipment of processing of dry tail gas is in paring individual business receives promotion application, press tail gas purifies technology and fiber technology of dry water separation also

begins to get applied in a few enterprise. Engineering technology of product line of successive and ultrathin beaverboard obtains a breakthrough Wpc Composite Deck Tiles again, ply is the thinnest only 1.0mm, fill domestic production exceeds laminose blank; Make the same score continuously press engineering technology of Plans Of Flower Boxes Made From Decking Wood beaverboard product line to obtain a

breakthrough, manufacturing rate amounts to 2m/s the most quickly. 3, effect of reform of sex of supply side structure is apparent, backward Type Of Wood For Deck Joists produce can wash out a rear to advance The Chinese is built board effect of reform of sex of structure of industrial supply side is apparent, fall into disuse backward produce can advance quickly.

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