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Balcony decoration choose WPC floor okay?

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 09. November 2017, 11:45

<p>WPC floor preparation before construction, before construction to ensure that the construction site of concrete ground leveling. This is an important point. I hope all of you will not work hard to labor price for elevated deck save time and money. Otherwise, everyone will be out of your fortune. Ground construction conditions at the construction site is poor, can not be the subject of structural stability, the need to use steel keel instead of wood keel, the use of just use galvanized steel, welded joints to remove welding slag rear seat rust treatment.</p><p> The size of the floor splicing gap should be properly determined according to the environment cheap ways of covering cement temperature and humidity, floor length, floor moisture content, and the laying area of ​​the WPC floor. WPC floor construction matters needing attention: As a result of the greater density of wood-plastic materials themselves, the use of self-tapping screws are required to drill bit holes, and then self-tapping screws. </p><p>For the corner wood-plastic floor pavement, according to the length and angle of the bend on each of the two ends of the wood-plastic floor and then cut the stairs of wood-plastic floor pavement, the angle of the stairs for the proposed use of metal beads Wood floor protection. During use, avoid heavy objects impact or collision. In the material storage, transportation, installation process, please pay attention to wood exterior stair treads properly handle, to prevent it from falling from damage.</p>

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