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Cork floor maintenance

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 02:06

<P>The first category: cork flooring surface without any coating, this product is the earliest. The second category: in the cork flooring for painting. That is, the surface of the cemented cork UV varnish coating or varnish or photosensitive varnish PVA. According to different paint, but also can be divided into three kinds, namely high light, matt and flat light. This is the 90's technology, such products on the surface of cork flooring surface is higher, that is, the softer wood used more pure.</P>
<P>The third category: PVC veneer, that is, PVC veneer covering the surface of the cork flooring, the structure is usually four: the surface with PVC veneer, the thickness of 0.45mm; the second layer of natural cork decorative layer thickness of 0.8mm ; The third layer of cementitious cork layer thickness of 1.8mm; the bottom of the stress-balanced and waterproof PVC layer, this layer is very important, without this layer, when the material is heated at the time of production, the PVC surface cooling shrinkage will be Make the whole floor warping. This type of floor is currently favored by consumers in both Beijing and Shanghai.</P>
<P>The fourth category: PVC veneer, the thickness of 0.45mm; the second layer of natural veneer, the thickness of 0.45mm; the third layer of cementing cork, the thickness of about 2mm; the bottom of the PVC plate and the third category Waterproof, but also make the board stress balance, the thickness of about 0.2mm. Fifth category: plastic cork flooring, resin cement cork flooring, rubber cork flooring.</P>

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