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Protection Product Certification

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 02:39

<p>the European Association of Manufacturers of Plywood, made up of 18 of the most important European manufacturers of laminate flooring, with more stringent standards. In addition, Japan's F4-star standard requires that the average formaldehyde emission limit is not higher than 0.3mg / L; the full name of the FSC is the Forest Stewardship </p>
<p>Council, first registered in Mexico, and the Secretariat moved to Bonn, Germany, in 2003 to identify well-managed forests As an acceptable source of forest products. </p>
<p>More common in China are China Environmental Protection Product Certification (CCEP), China Environmental Labeling Certification (ten ring certification), iso14001 environmental management system certification, these certification is mainly from the design, production, product testing, quality, use to the disposal of waste disposal , And </p>
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