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floor heating is suitable

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 03:19

<p>rag wipe; if it is chewing gum or wax , Then the ice can be placed on the stain, so that it shrinks, and then gently scrape, wipe. Many people in the home decoration will be used to warm, good in winter to create a warm and comfortable environment, then we all know that floor heating is suitable for laying wooden floor or tile it? Xiaobian here </p>
<p>for everyone to introduce the living room to warm the floor or floor tile is good , I hope we can do a good job in the living room to help warm. Thermal performance alone Speaking of thermal speed, the thermal conductivity of tiles is better than the wooden floor, high thermal efficiency, making winter indoor temperature faster, without long </p>
<p>'preheat' can enjoy a room warm, but its super heat dissipation, also Brought a little inconvenience, such as: floor tiles and indoor temperature greater, such as walking barefoot feet will have the feeling, and insulation performance is poor. Wood floor heating is slower, but insulation is much better. Comfort tiles feel cool in the summer, will </p>
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