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solid wood composite, molded and other types

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 04:09

<p>elegant semi-glass oval door or ancient window edge pattern; kitchen door should use sandblasting, matte pattern, semi-translucent semi-glass solid wood doors; bathroom door should adopt a more unique all solid wood doors, giving privacy and Sense of security; and the storage room door should be used to better permeability of the blinds door. 3, according to the economic situation selection of solid wood </p>
<p>doors According to the use of wood raw materials, the price is also very different. Therefore, the owners need to choose according to their own economic situation. As mentioned earlier, relatively low-grade solid wood door material for the pine, fir, etc., mid-range peach core, beech, Malan wood, rubber wood, high-grade walnut, cherry, sand, , Rosewood and so on. 4, try to choose the brand products solid </p>
<p>wood door market is chaotic, so to ensure that selected high-quality products, consumers should try to large building materials market, choose a good brand reputation manufacturers, by checking the relevant qualification of manufacturers, control related industries Whether the standard is true to measure the product structure is what kind of. Part 3: practicing fire eyes solid wood door quality identification </p>
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