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some of the imported floorboards

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 04:16

<p>even the entire process of recycling and environmental behavior control evaluation. In the market, the reporter saw most of the imported floor clearly indicate the national standards for the import of formaldehyde emissions, the standards indicated at the same time involved in the European EPLF certification, Warranty certification, warranty, </p>
<p>FSC certification. This multi-standard strict requirements often give consumers more confidence. Imported flooring 'green first' are recognized behind the hot products are inseparable from each of the most critical quality factors, in terms of the floor, in addition to moisture, non-slip, wear-resistant, anti-static, sound-absorbing, flame retardant, </p>
<p>thermal insulation, soft and flexible The performance, the most critical and environmental health this one indispensable performance index anyway. During the visit, it was found that some of the imported floorboards were well recognized for their environmental protection concepts. For example, the whole chain of environmental protection </p>
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