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governor Li Guoying goes

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 04:17

superintend; Came 6 days on September 5, governor Li Guoying goes to the Huaihe River south, city of port of Bo city, mussel, veranda pvc trim board prevention and cure of water pollution of region of river of survey the Huaihe River and river are long make fulfil problem of feedback of superintend of the circumstance, environmental protection central to rectify

and reform fulfil a circumstance; Up to on September 16, other and provincial leader early or late opinion of feedback of sandwich panels exterior cladding philippines environmental protection superintend is rectified and reform in the center of survey of examination of 16 thorough spots fulfil a circumstance, harmonious drive ground of drinking water prices of deck wood in china fountainhead wet punish, edge is

marred to pick the job such as arenaceous punish punish of commercial and transportation center of Jiang Fei law, illegally by the side of punish outdoor handrails for concrete steps of punish of system of protection, black smelly water, the sewage draining exit that enter a river, Chao Huzhou. Up to on September 22, in saving 144 issues with listed detailed list of Wu of whole

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