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demonstration and collocation system

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 04:43

There will be a contradiction there, that is, our initial expectations of future home improvement and delivery, there will be conflicts, so many people are not satisfied with the decoration, which is probably an important reason. Through this demonstration and collocation system,
the consumers themselves to participate, can have the conditions of the futures to the spot transformation, while love Georgia's DIY design and design space includes both love grid flooring, but also contains the love grid plate, the love grid users For a complete demonstration of the product's initial design results.
Therefore, EGGER floor into China, not simply a single entry in China, reflects the global economic interaction and common. Love grid has gone through ten years of Spring and Autumn in China, I hope also believe that, with the power of consumers, love grid will be in the future more and more Shun!
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