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Wood flooring experts

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 05:10

<p>flooring qualified rate of 59.25%. The solid wood flooring sampling test, from Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou City, 26 of the 26 units of the extraction of 28 varieties of solid wood flooring products.<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/5986.html">exterior wooden railings manufacturer</a><br/> After testing, qualified 16 groups, failed 11 groups, with a pass rate of 59.25%. 11 groups of unqualified samples, the main problem is the thickness, width, paint adhesion three indicators failed. In the unqualified list found, the nominal Elephant Group Co., Ltd.fence gate clearance produced 910mm * 125mm * 18mm Shunde solid wood flooring (SP1307) paint film adhesion project failed, nominal Guangdong Province, Yihua Wood Co., Ltd. production Of the 900mm * 122mm * </p>
<p>18mm Yihua solid wood flooring (oak anti-ancient) width of the project failed.Macro resistance into the Chinese flooring industry ten years of wind and rain,<a href='http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-fence/3257.html'>self assemble above ground wood pool decks for sale</a><br/> won the news network after the prime-time advertising standard plate, was approved as a national Mianjian products, successfully crowned China's well-known trademarks ... ... that scene and unforgettable same wind and rain One after another exciting glorious praise, macro resistance colleagues and industry leaders and even peer brother of ten love each other, mutual assistance and mutual promotion, are into this passionate party.discount decking rails The party was started in the recollection of President Li Wei's deep </p>
<p>affection. Lee in his own article expressed a young entrepreneur has been to support and help macro resistance partners, partners endless gratitude. He sometimes low and sometimes high-pitched voice affects every presence of the guests,<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/14380.html">wood plastic decking discount</a><br/> so that the party at the beginning of the people will be tightly together in the heart together. After the end of the recitation of Li in the applause of the tower cup will be full of champagne,composite plastic lumber fence gate and we toast to drink. In order to add to this party, we invited the winner of the National Competition Gold Award, China Central Television special actor Liu Yongsheng performed Sichuan opera face; Chinese Acrobatics Association </p>

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