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installing the floor

qizhen0809, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 09:06

<p>service. Due to the special features of geothermal floor and the complexity of geothermal system, geothermal floor has its unique features in the maintenance and care of geothermal floor compared with ordinary floor. Special attention should be paid to the heating and moisturizing. When installing the floor insulation should pay attention to </p>
<p>the use of geothermal floor, consumers must pay attention to step by step to the floor and floor heating. When installed, the surface temperature should be maintained at about 18 ℃. Before installation, the concrete floor temperature should be gradually increased by 5 ℃ daily until it reaches about 18 ℃ so far. In the first 3 days after the </p>
<p>installation is completed, the temperature should be maintained for 3 days before it can be warmed up as needed, and the temperature can only be raised by 5 ℃ per day. </p>
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