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a total investment of one billion yuan, the current

liuyi, Freitag, 10. November 2017, 11:27

<p>environment, to prevent the wooden doors due to humidity, temperature difference is too large and deformation, the winter air moisture content is low, you can install the indoor air humidifier or raise pots of potted plants, Air humidity. 6, when painting the walls of the wooden doors to cover, to avoid the paint paint to make the wooden facade material stripping, faded sound overall beauty. Summer is the </p>
<p>decoration of the good times, high temperatures, air circulation are all favorable factors in decoration, so many consumers buy wooden doors are also more concentrated in this time, experts also remind consumers that the summer high temperature and high fever is Is to test the wooden doors and their manufacturers of a touchstone, consumers choose the wooden door in summer, we must pay attention to </p>
<p>the following: First, to select qualified manufacturers qualified products, some technical master of the wooden doors of production enterprises, they are not only high temperature High humidity and climate conditions and even more harsh environments have in-depth study to prevent. Second, pay attention to the thickness of the wooden doors, wooden doors do not feel thinner the better, the appropriate </p>
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