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development of flooring companies

liuyi, Montag, 27. November 2017, 09:23

<p>enterprises. There is no user experience in the offline physical store and the after-sales service is also Imperfect, the long run, will not be conducive to the long-term development of the flooring industry. This is why the electricity supplier in full swing today, many large-scale e-commerce companies began to build the line, in the face of </p>
<p>great prospects for how the development of flooring companies? Industry scholars have their own recommendations, the flooring industry Since entering the Internet has been a greater development, but many brands in the online build is also slowly found the bottleneck where the original online rich traffic and long-term marketing of the </p>
<p>brand are all need to improve the line Under the supporting facilities to support. Flooring manufacturers do not blindly enter the e-commerce for product marketing, but to build the traditional thinking of the Internet industry restructuring, while the traditional industry is based on the perfect offline service. Environmental protection, is a major </p>
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