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downturn in the flooring market

qizhen0809, Montag, 27. November 2017, 09:29

<p>Fifth heavy Hao Li, the next single randomly selected mysterious gift. During the event, on-site customer orders more chances to extract mysterious surprise gift. Party decoration famous celebrities, leading the city luxury home life. Home decoration, the laying of the floor is an essential thing. However, due to the increasingly fierce </p>
<p>competition and the downturn in the flooring market, many small and medium businesses set many pitfalls for sales. For outsiders who know nothing about floor knowledge, they often encounter various consumer traps when spending on the floor. Xiao Bian today to take you to understand the following three common floor trap, so </p>
<p>as not to be deceived in the future. Trap 1: deposit can not be fully refunded Before the renovation, many consumers will advance to the flooring market to understand the price of decoration materials, quality. If you happen to encounter business discounts, and consumers have not reached the stage of decoration, then the business will take a </p>
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