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there is no discount

liuyi, Montag, 27. November 2017, 10:33

<p>some of the merchandise discount efforts. Many consumers will have such questions: the original price is about the same, the discount is not low quality is not good enough? Is not both almost the same, the salesman who bought more expensive you like more than the product can not keep up the discount, buy it back will not Will be too loss? </p>
<p>Purchase during the discount, but should pay attention to product quality, do not impulse spending because of low prices. Discount efforts are usually older models, explosions, etc., and in the purchase of consumer durables, to choose their own more suitable, better quality, or more cost-effective. Favorite product to catch up with the </p>
<p>discount, is good luck, even if there is no discount, as long as you like, it is not deficit. Trap 3: Rational view of gifts There are businesses that draw lottery, cashback, etc. to attract consumers, seemingly played off as if enough to make up for lack of money with no difference is not much difference, and those gifts are not necessities. For such </p>
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